The Statewide Strangulation Training is open to full-time law enforcement officers and prosecutors. Applicants must serve their agency/department in a full time capacity as a licensed Texas Peace Officer or Prosecutor.

To see how many strangulation deaths have occurred in your area or in the state of Texas please click the following link for an interactive map: Texas Statewide Strangulation Map.

Registration Process

Each training has a capacity for 50 students. All registered students will be be sent a confirmation at least 30 days before the training class begins. A 60 day notification will be given to those requesting a hotel reimbursement stipend. Everyone must register by the designated deadline to qualify for this training offered by the SST Program. Registration for a training is confirmed when  the student has been contacted by a SST Program staff member.

Training Fees and Hotel Reimbursement Stipends

All training and registration fees will be at offered at no cost to each registrant. The SST Program does not cover any travel, meal or hotel* expenses. All travel and hotel incidentals, no-show, meals, in-room movies, room service, parking, fuel, airfare, etc. are the sole responsibility of each student.

*The SST Program will be offering limited hotel stipend reimbursements for anyone traveling 50 miles or more from the training location. The student assumes responsibility of making all hotel reservations with a hotel at the approved government per diem rate set fourth by the General Services Administration (GSA) for the particular area. To determine the GSA or State Rate please use the following link: GSA PER DIEM MAP or contact a staff member at (512) 454-8900.

Training Credit

Each student will receive 8 hours course credit after the training roster has been verified and student data entry has been completed. Partial credit will not be given if a student fails to complete the training – No Exceptions.

**The Statewide Strangulation Training DOES NOT SERVE as a substitute for any SAFVIC course and in ineligible for any special or advanced certification.


If a registrant must cancel their attendance please notify the SST Program Staff as soon as possible to find a replacement.

If a team member would like to send a colleague as a replacement please notify the SST Program Staff via email or phone.