The Statewide Strangulation Training is open to  Texas Peace Officers and Prosecutors.

The training provided by the SST Program will be offered at no cost. Travel expenses such as hotel*, parking, mileage, and daily per diem (meals) are not covered by the SST Program and must be covered by the applicant or the applicants agency.

The SST Program will hold five regional training events throughout Texas. Each attendee will receive 8 hours credit upon completion of the training to be reported to TCOLE (3196-Law Seminar) or the State Bar of Texas*.

*The Statewide Strangulation Training Program has received accreditation from the State Bar of Texas for this training: Course #174014795

*Hotel Stipend Reimbursement – There will be limited hotel stipend reimbursements for students at each training location. Max reimbursement will be based on the GSA rate for the specific location.