Hotel Reimbursement Stipend

What is a Hotel Reimbursement Stipend?

The Statewide Strangulation Training will be providing limited Hotel Reimbursement Stipends to a student who wants to attend a training and has to travel 50 miles or more (one-way) to the training location. This stipend will only reimburse the student or the agency for room and tax only. Hotel incidentals (room service, parking, in-room movies, etc.) will be the responsibility of the student or the agency.

The student or agency will be responsible for the expense and reservation of a hotel at the GSA Approved State Rate at a hotel nearest to the training location. Once the training is complete the student or the agency will provide the program with all hotel documentation and will receive reimbursement of one nights stay (room and tax only) within 30 days after a training has been completed.

Is a student fails to attend or complete the training he/she will not receive reimbursement of hotel expenses.

Is there a deadline to submit reimbursement for hotel expenses?

Each student or agency must submit all documentation no later than two weeks after a class has been completed. More information will be provided to you once a student or agency has been awarded a hotel stipend.

Once I complete my registration can I make a reservation with my selected hotel?

No. Please wait for a staff member to confirm your seat to the training session and the availability of a hotel stipend. There are only a limited amount of hotel stipends available for each training location.

What is a GSA Approved State Rate and how do i find the rate for the training area location?

The General Services Administration (GSA), is an independent agency of the United States government, it was established in 1949 to help manage and support the basic functioning of federal agencies. Each year the GSA set’s forth guidelines hotel and per diem rates.

In order to locate the rate for the training area location please use the following link GSA PER DIEM Look-up and find the city the training is located in under the table, Lodging by Month. Find the month the training is being held in to determine the GSA rate for the expense of a hotel for one nights stay. If a city is not listed, the GSA State Approved rate for the training location will be $94 per night (not including hotel occupancy taxes).

Program Information

What is the Statewide Strangulation Training Program?

The Statewide Strangulation Training Program is a new program that offers free training for law enforcement officers and prosecutors across the state of Texas. The main purpose of the training is to educate law enforcement officers and prosecutors in the dynamics of the crime of strangulation.

Is the SST Program part of the VAWT Program?

The SST Program was created by the Statewide Law Enforcement on Violence Against Women Training Program in 2017 and are both funded by the Criminal Justice Department of the Texas Governor’s Office. Both programs run independently of each other but work together to achieve the same common goal of combating violence against women.

Training Information

What types of training does the Statewide Strangulation Training/SST Program offer?

The SST Program offers training to both law enforcement and prosecutors on how to effectively investigate and prosecute strangulation crimes.

What is the criterion to attend a training provided by the Statewide Strangulation Training/SST Program?

The training is open to Licensed Texas Peace Officers and Prosecutors employed by an agency in a full-time capacity.

What are the fees associated with attending a Statewide Strangulation Training/SST Program?

The cost of any training is provided free* of charge to selected attendees. Attendees are responsible for all travel fees (driving to and from training location, hotel if needed, parking etc.), and meals while attending the training. Attendees receiving a hotel reimbursement stipend who do not attend and complete the training will be ineligible for reimbursement of hotel expenses (room and tax only).

Will I get TCOLE Credit for attending a training provided by the Statewide Strangulation Training/SST Program?

Each student will receive 8 hours course credit after the training roster has been verified and student data entry has been completed. Partial credit will not be given if a student fails to complete the training.  Credit for law enforcement will be listed under Law Seminar and Course #3196. Prosecutors will receive credit for this course as well.

Can I use the training as a substitute for any of the SAFVIC Courses (24 hr. SAFVIC, SAFVIC for TCP’s, and SAFVIC-Human Trafficking)?

The training provided by the Statewide Strangulation Training/SST Program cannot be substituted for any SAFVIC Course.

Will the training make me eligible for the TCOLE Special Investigator Proficiency Certificate?

The training provided by the Statewide Strangulation Training/SST Program is not eligible for the TCOLE Special Investigator Proficiency Certificate or any other certification.


Registration Information

Why must I Wait To Get Confirmation if the training is free?

Each training is limited in size and to establish a rule of fairness for all interested parties the program staff will contact you to confirm your attendance to the training.

If I do not meet the criteria can I still Register?

All interested applicants must be a licensed peace officer or a prosecutor and must be employed by an agency/department in a full-time capacity. Reserved officers, administrative assistants, victim service providers, etc. are ineligible to attend.


Class Information

Why doesn’t the program provide food and beverages for meals and breaks during the training?

The Statewide Strangulation Training/ SST Program is grant funded through the Criminal Justice Department of the Texas Governor’s Office from The Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) in Washington D.C., which sets the guidelines for grant participants. One of the conditions of the grant guidelines is funds must not be used for food and beverage items. In some cases, an agency or organization may donate food and beverage items to the program at no cost but it’s not always the case. Therefore, when food and beverage items are donated at no cost to the program it is at the discretion of the donor and the program has no control on what items are provided.

What is the dress code for attending the training(s)?

In order to maintain a professional decorum for students, instructor, and staff the dress code for any training event is business casual- dark denim jeans/slacks, collared shirts, polo style shirts or buttoned down shirts, and closed-toe shoes for both men and women.

T-SHIRTS, FLIP-FLOPS/SANDALS, and TORN or RIPPED JEANS are not considered business casual

I have Registered For a training why do I have TO wait For a Confirmation?

Each training is limited in size and to be fair we must be able to accommodate a set number of students from the hosting agency before confirming registrants from other agencies.

How many students from an agency can attend a training?

If an agency is hosting a training they will receive a set number of seats for their agency to attend the training. All other open seats will be limited to one or two attendees from surrounding agencies. In the event the training has reached its full capacity the program will have a stand-by list for cancellations for any open seats and hotel reimbursement stipends (if available).

I have been selected to attend the training but I may have to cancel. Can I send someone from my agency in my place?

Yes. Anytime an attendee must cancel their attendance to a training event they can send another representative from their agency. The only requirement is an attendee must contact the Program Services Specialist with directions and information for and about the replacement.

I have been selected to attend a training but must testify in court on Monday afternoon and must leave early. Will I still get credit?

The Statewide Strangulation Training/ SST Program understands the civil commitments of its class attendees. The rules and conditions of the Statewide Strangulation Training/ SST Program to attend training is that an attendee cannot miss a portion of a training to receive credit.  Therefore, if you must miss the training for any reason it would be in the best interest of the training that you vacate your seat to someone on the waiting list or someone in your agency. Vacating your seat to a training event will not exclude you from future trainings.